Dracula UI - Public Release 🚀

The wait is over! 🥳

We've been hard at work sweating the details of the Developer Experience for Dracula UI.\nThe last few months have been fun and rewarding.\n\nWe put together a number of components, dogfooded our designs and individual components with several pages/apps, and have collected feedback from our amazing list of early access users.

What's New

  • We have polished our existing 18 React and HTML/CSS components that are ready to use and should cover most website use cases. Those form components are sweet.

  • Improved Color Swatch including solid, gradient, and animated colors that should make your designs pop!

  • Figma design file with reusable components that you can use to build your own designs without code.

  • CSS stylesheet with hundreds of classes that can be applied to any existing website. Yes, the React components are optional. Dracula UI is 100% compatible with CSS only websites.

  • Autocomplete experience for HTML and React within Visual Studio Code using the Adobe DSP VScode plugin.

  • Documentation Website and Guides to help you get started Improvements

  • Minor bug fixes that were reported by our Early Access users 🙏🏻

  • Documentation Website is now accessible on mobile devices and no longer requires standing up a development server.

  • Added a private @dracula/dracula-ui npm package hosted on Github that is much easier to install and manage.

Dracula UI

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